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SULKING. I forgot I'd written 700 words on this chapter yesterday, so instead of only having about a thousand words left to write to hit quota, I've got about 1800 words, which is most of a new chapter. And hell, if I'm going to write that much of it, I might as well write it all, because that'll put me at 70K, but whiiiiiiiine! That's wooooork! Whiiiiine! Suuuuuulk!

Ok, I'm not really sulking, but I'm dorking around writing journal entries instead of starting the next chapter. I might go for a walk while it's still lovely out, but I'm feeling very lazy in regards to bringing the dog, and I'll feel guilty if I don't bring her, so this may push me into not walking at all. (That'd be lame.)

Instead of either writing or walking I'm going to sit here and contemplate my navel and .

The most frustrating thing on my plate is re-writing the Chance beatsheets. I cannot *believe* I lost those. I'm still beating myself up for it. :P I should get over it and move on, but man, so frustrating. What particularly aggravates me is that I can remember, for example, that I had a scene of Trent (Static) playing basketball and talking with some buddy of his...but I have *no idea* what the conversation was about. It'd be less aggravating if I couldn't remember there'd been a scene at all, you know? :P But frustrating or not, it needs doing.

After that, it'll be writing the next Chance issue, which, unless I get faster at it, will be about a 40 hour job. I'll have to learn to pace those out so I do a couple hours in the evenings on them, or something. I tell you, it's abnormal to spend hours writing as downtime when the day job *is* writing. OTOH, if Chance goes, I'm gonna want as much buffer between me and the next issue to hit the stands as I can get, so.

I'm nagging my editor for the revision notes on HEART OF STONE. She implied they were ready, and I want to do those revisions (she says they're light) before starting HOUSE OF CARDS, which I want to start by mid-May at the latest. May 1 would be better. Mid-May means I have to write 4K a day to make goal; May 1 means 3K a day. 3K is better. :) I did tell her she had to get the revision letter to me by next week or she wasn't getting her HoS revisions until July. I can hope that'll stick, right? :)

I really *want* to do revisions on RIGHT ANGLES TO FAERYLAND. I really want that book back out circulating. I just do not know if I'll have time to pull that particular rabbit out of the hat. Depends on a couple things, one being whether or not my editor gets HoS to me for revisions this month or not, and if not, whether she'll accept them in late July instead of...sooner. If she doesn't get 'em to me I'm going to focus on Angles, and if she does...well, if I put off starting HoC until mid-May I can probably do revisions on both Angles and HoS, but I'm not at all sure it's wise to put off the project I'm already being paid for in favor of a spec project, not with the workload I've got right now. (Don't remind me about Chance. Chance is completely different. I don't know how, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Anyway, the rest of April will be about rewrites and revisions, one way or another. Maybe one or two new small things with Chance scripts, but mostly it'll be material revisited.

Maybe if I put on the Steinman playlist it'll inspire me to do a bit more work on PHOENIX.

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