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15 November 2010 @ 10:25 am
hairspray emergency  

Years ago, Neil Gaiman posted a sad post about how his youngest daughter had reached an age where she refused to travel without her hairspray and other styling accoutrements, which meant he could no longer travel with carry-on luggage only. In an attempt to convince her otherwise, he promised he would buy her new hairspray and what-not at Heathrow Airport, so that she wouldn’t even have to leave the airport without hairspray. She said, “If you want to, Dad, but I’m going to bring my own anyway.”

I chortled when I read that, thinking what a nice daddy Neil Gaiman was for agreeing to go through baggage pick-up (because who are we kidding, he was never actually going to win that one), since hey, hairspray was hairspray. But I did not yet understand, because I had only just moved over here and hadn’t yet discovered the Hairspray Issues* they have, which is to say all they have are (not aerosol because nobody has those anymore, but) aerosol style hairsprays which 1. smell like bug dope and 2. don’t hold my hair. I cannot for the life of me find a pump spray over here.

And now I am out of hairspray, and must throw myself on the mercy of Americans to send me some Clariol Herbal Essences “Set Me Up” extra-hold hairspray. Anybody willing to do that? I could send you a book in return. Or, y’know, give you money. :)

*I seriously doubt Maddie knew about the Hairspray Issues and simply wanted things As She Knew Them, but still, every time I run low on hairspray I think of that. :)

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SaffronRose: Prospero rosesaffronrose on November 16th, 2010 10:25 pm (UTC)
I'm asking the Irish Consulate in SF CA if there's a way to get it to Ireland by another shipper. Perhaps that will be possible, but it may have to go the slow-boat-to-China-and-back routine.

Sigh. I can't find it in a pump spray, either--Clairol doesn't seem to package it that way. Mousse yes, aerosol yes, pump spray that would be more shippable, no.