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Last night we went to the protest to protest police violence at protests. :) It was my first protest, and kinda fun, although one of their chants sounded suspiciously like “You scream? Ice cream!” We probably had more fun with that than we should’ve, but hey, simple minds, simple pleasures. :) (The chant was actually “Whose streets? Our streets!”)

I failed to get up and write today, on the logic that since Ted’s home I can hand him the baby and get some work done. Really, though, I was just really tired.

You know the scene in Buffy where all the Slayers are activated? The video for Katy Perry’s new song, “Firework”, is just like that. Only sparklier. I love it. :)

This morning I got my belt caught in a beltloop in a mathematically impossible manner. Seriously. I can’t get it untangled. I think there was a transdimensional doorway involved. IN MY PANTS.

I know these are dull, but they really do appear to be critical in helping me get things done, so today’s thinks to do:
- clean the fridge
- write
- mop or vacuum
- clean the computer room
- still more $%(*@# laundry
- empty the rest of the garbages
- bring Young Indiana in for his checkup

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