kit (mizkit) wrote,

continuing with the busy

Yesterday turned out to be very busy. Not only did I get a lot of housework done and write 1700 words (!), I had to pop into town, so Mom met me and we went to look for high chairs. At Mothercare, they gave me a free flyer for a baby photo shoot, and Young Indiana was looking particularly adorable in a baseball outfit (the baseball outfits just *slay* me) so I thought what the hell. So we spent, I don’t know, half an hour, anyway, getting his picture taken, which he by and large thought was just brilliant. I’m hoping not more than about three of them prove to be irresistable, because the whole package costs €300 and, well, just no. But it was quite a lot of fun. :)

I actually got up and wrote again this morning, which is a particular triumph because Ted didn’t have to get up today. Go me. :)

thinks to do:
- change the kitty litter
- clean the fridge
- read the pattern for the coat
- write another 500 words (1K more accomplished! woot!)
- mop the downstairs (I vacuumed the front room instead)
- more laundry (it never ends)
- empty the rest of the garbages
- go to the protest

(The protest is against garda violence at protests, as some cops beat up some students at last weekend’s protest.)

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