kit (mizkit) wrote,

this is promising.

I got about 2/3rds of my words written this morning (takes a while to wake up and get the fiction cells firing, she said blearily), but that’s fairly promising. I can get another 350 done at some point during the day, and I can see already how this has the potential to re-shape my day greatly to the good. I can eat and do Pilates (not in that order) during the time I would normally be rushing for a shower, and shower during Indy’s nap instead of writing, and if the nap lasts long enough, also write. That’s going to be a huge win.

And all I have to sacrifice is an hour of sleep… :)

I got a wrist brace last week when I screwed up my wrist. It started falling apart almost immediately. I managed, over the weekend, to refer to it as a “piece ass cheap of shit.” I haven’t stopped laughing about that. :)

All right. Thinks to do

- change the kitty litter
- clean the fridge
- clean the kitchen
- take out something for dinner
- call or email that chiro place we got a flyer for
- read the pattern for the coat
- write another 350 words (1700 for the total today! WOOT!)
- sweep the hall
- more laundry (it never ends)
- empty the garbages

this week:
- clean the lanai
- put together the Indonesian fundraiser idea
- see when the next bursary award application is due (they don’t have 2011′s dates posted yet, probably because they expect arts funding to DISAPPEAR ENTIRELY thanks to the upcoming €6 BILLION in budgetary cuts :p)
- talk to Mom about my idea for the above-mentioned BAA
- clean the back room
- vacuum
- protest Gardai violence
- call landlord about the upstairs heat
- NNWM meeting
- clean the BATHROOM

this month:
- finish the coat
- re-start pilates
- submit portfolio to Persons Of Significance
- finish BYD collection
- go to Wexworlds
- Thanksgiving!
- baby cinema & national gallery day

…apparently I’m feeling ambitious today. :)

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