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If I do nothing else today (and when I say “do nothing else”, I mean write, go buy some baby ibuprofen, grocery shop and finish the laundry, all of which must be done), I will get the goddamned laundry room cleaned. While I’m at it, I would like to solve world hunger and bring peace to the masses.

Michelle Sagara is writing a really fascinating and insightful series of posts about having an Asperger child, which was prompted by the bullying posts a few weeks ago. They’re good reading (long; she keeps apologizing for that, but if you’ve read any of Michelle’s books you know short isn’t in her vocabulary), and a lot of it is probably relevant to any parent. Start at the bottom, since that tag just hits all the posts. :)

I seek Internet Wisdom. I want a digital stereo. What I want, however, for lack of a better term, is a solid state one. I don’t want something to plug an iPod or its ilk into. I want something with an internal hard drive which I can load music onto. I want the ability to create playlists on that stereo, which means an interface large enough to read and easy to navigate. I genuinely don’t care if it plays CDs, since the whole idea here is to go digital with the music. I don’t care about upgradeability, either, because anything I buy at this date is going to last me a long time because I simply don’t buy very much music. A terabyte or two is not going to fill up fast.

Anyway, so that’s what I want. Does such a thing even exist?

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