kit (mizkit) wrote,

sunshine on my shoulder

…makes me happy. Really. Very simple. If the sun is shining, pretty much, I’m happy. Tell me again why I don’t live in Hawaii? Oh right. Because I would DIE OF HEAT STROKE.

My tap class starts tonight. I dug out my tap shoes this morning and put them on. Sadly, I last wore them when my feet were still (or I thought they were still) a size 7, and they have expanded to size 9′s since then. (No, not pregnancy related, they did that bef…oh, *crap*, I bet that means my splendid granny boots I’ve had for most of two decades don’t fit *either*. Waugh!) Anyway, so while Young Indiana and I were out finding out how to /get/ to my tap class (Dublin continues to not be laid out anything like I think it is), I stopped by one of the dance stores, expecting that new tap shoes would be Too Expensive to buy until I got paid again. I gave myself a budget before I went in and said if they were more than that I’d have to wait. And they were, but only by five euro, and even so they were about half what I expected them to be, so now I have tap shoes that fit and, er, a nice, slightly worn pair of non-high-heeled tap shoes which need a new home. US womens’ size seven, if you’re interested.

I missed a package delivery this morning. I bet it’s Young Indiana’s new walker. I badly want to rush off to the post office to pick it up, except if that is in fact what it is, I bet it’s too big to easily get home when one is out with a baby in a stroller. Curses! *shakes a tiny fist at the (blue, sunshiny) sky*!

A busy week is in store. Octocon, to which I am greatly looking forward, is this weekend. Friday night is an informal gathering at the hotel, so Young Indiana and I will probably drop by that. There’s a Democrats Abroad pub quiz for Americans on Thursday evening, which means there’s some chance of knowing the answers. Thursday daytime hopefully is a buig-screen viewing of Back to the Future and hot chocolate with Brian. Wednesday, Ted is making gumbo & perhaps The Fabulous Lorraine will be joining us (I dunno if she’s a meat-eater). Tuesday…Tuesday I have nothing planned. :) And tonight is dance class. Why it was necessary to explain all of this from the weekend backward I do not know, but that’s how it came out. :)

I have successfully cut out my coat and its lining. It is exceedingly doubtful I’ll have it done by the weekend, which was my vague goal, but I might have it done by the end of the month, which would be pretty cool. I gotta find some weathering spray for it, though, because it needs some degree of waterproofness or it will be Utterly Useless.

There was enough lining (cream-colored satin) for two coats this length, or, more accurately, one coat this length and a 1940s style cream satin evening gown, which I will have to lose about 30 pounds before I can make and wear because white isn’t forgiving, and white satin is even less so. (And then I will have to find somewhere to wear a 1940s style white satin evening gown, but that’s a different problem entirely.) This is in line with the “get in the best shape of my life” resolution I made when I was about 8.5 months pregnant, but damn, it’s hard. I like food too much. That’s the basic problem here.

Speaking of which, I found my swim gear a couple days ago. Now I want very much to go swimming. Maybe I can manage it on Ted’s weekends. Even a couple days a week would be really great. Hm.

And further speaking of which, except this time the which being ‘really great’, Ted took Young Indiana out for a couple hours yesterday and I stayed home and *slept*. ♥ If I could do *that* for a week I might feel like I’d returned to a functioning part of the human race. As it is, that was enough to re-sort me enough that I wrote 850 words in about 45 minutes this morning, which I haven’t done in ages.

Modern baby clothes are not intended to fit over cloth diapers. I’m just sayin’.

I’m off, heh heh.

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