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Michelle finished up her blog promotion commentary with one last post, in which she hits on the vital question of characterization. Go read it: it’s interesting. Possibly fascinating, if you’re like me. :)

Kinds of bread I have made today: corn, white, banana.

Years ago I bought some lovely creamy nubbly fabric for a long coat. Mom and I started laying it out to make today (which is to say, Mom, who is a brilliant seamstress, laid it out while I watched, asked questions, and mostly prevented Young Indiana from eating the fabric). It won’t be as long as I’d kind of imagined, because there’s less fabric than we’d thought, but it’ll be knee-length and fairly splendid. And it will be the first of several coat-making projects, because 1. I *love* long coats, 2. I have at least two coats to make for friends, and 3. I just spent forty-two fucking euro on a pair of sewing scissors so I’d better do some goddamned sewing.

Quick, tell me your #1 favorite song to dance to! I get a fair amount of mileage out of dancing with Young Indiana, but great as Billy Idol’s Greatest Hits are, only about four of them are really any good for dancing to… :)

Ted’s mom sent a couple photos of Ted when he was about six weeks old, to compare to a couple photos of Young Indiana at the same age. I leave it to you to decide:

Ted & Henry

That's Ted's kid, all right. :)

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