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28 September 2010 @ 11:31 pm
web host provider?  

Anybody got a web host they’re especially fond of? Mine’s just irritated me for the last time, after I sent them a huge flipping list of spammer IPs and was told “Gosh, you can block these yourself, there’s not much we can do about them since spammers are a dime a dozen.”

I’m afraid I got snotty in return. Anyway, open to suggestions.

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Amberleyamberley on September 29th, 2010 03:24 am (UTC)
I like M5 Hosting
For web hosting I've heard good things about Dreamhost but have never used them. For a dedicated host I've been very happy using M5 Hosting in San Diego. My FreeBSD server there had 558 days of uptime until at last the time came to move it to a new rack with improved power and management, which they handled in 10 minutes of scheduled downtime with plenty of advance notice. (If you don't like Linux or FreeBSD or OpenBSD, ignore this blurb.)

Although I do my own blocking of spammer IPs using spamhaus, spamprobe, and Postfix's access file, so I don't know if they'd block spammers for me if I asked. M5's support has been responsive and good on the rare occasions I've contacted them, and they do detailed followups on any network or power outages explaining what went wrong and what they're doing to fix it. The last one of which was, well, 559 days ago.