kit (mizkit) wrote,

reading meme: day seven

Day 07 – A writer you don’t like

They probably weren’t thinking of “on a personal level” when they asked this, although I know so many writers that my warped sense of humor decided to take it that way. :) The vast majority of the writers of my acquaintance, however, are really splendid people, so despite my interpretation, I think I shall answer the question in the vein it was intended.

Except I already did, on day five, didn’t I? Chalker really is the end game answer to that question. Oh, but Patricia Cornwell worked her way into that state, too, as the Scarpetta books went on, becoming less plausible/less possible for the reader to figure out (and I don’t read mysteries so I can be clever, I just want the story. But I want a *chance* at figuring ‘em out, dammit.), and I gave up on Elizabeth George after reading about eight of her books in a row because oh my god the depression. But I didn’t start out not liking them. It was an evolution, whereas despite reading eight or ten Chalker books I never liked any of them.

I’m sure there are others who fit into this category, but I’m coming up short this time, so this’ll do.

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