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Episodes ... 6 and 7, or something like that, of La Femme Nikita, were definitely better than the first several. I'm not actually convinced of any of them as actors yet, although it's possible that in Peta Wilson's case this is because I'm distracted by her somewhat odd accent and her extraordinary features. I don't think she's pretty or beautiful, but she's certainly interesting to look at. (She reminds me a bit of the Myrys women.) Anyway, it's possible those things are sufficently misdirect-y that I'm failing to grasp she can act because of them. More research is required.

*laugh* Last night I was whining in email about wanting something NOOOOOOOOOW, and Mom wrote:

That's what Breic says. And I tell him we don't always get what we want right when we want it.

Actually, I've told him repeatedly that -I- want a million euros, but I don't get them. The other day I said "I want a million euros, but you know what?"

And he said, "But you don't get them just because you want them."

*laugh* I like Breic a lot. *laugh* What a funny little boy. :) And while I'm quoting emails, more on CHD, from a friend:

With regard to CHD, not that you asked for advice, but since I'm male and must answer questions even if they're not asked, I think you should keep it long until X3, then if that's great leave it long, and if it sucks then cut your hair short and cute and burn the clippings as an offering to appease the sequel gods, or something.

Not only did this make me laugh out loud, but I think it's the most entertaining idea I've heard so far. Nothing like a little ritual to appease the gods. (*Possibly* it appeals to me because hey, X3 is going to suck, so that gives me an out for cutting my hair if I want to. *laugh*)

I wonder where a person can buy blue hair dye in this country. I want to test my theory on how to achieve a properly white Rogue stripe before X3. Even if it's going to suck.

Right. Enough about hair. I am looking forward to this weekend, 'cause I want to go into Cork and go to some movies and to the English Market. At a guess, I'd say the reason the Cobh farmer's market isn't very exciting is because the English Market, which is a 6 day a week market in Cork an lar, covers all the stuff you'd usually get at a local farmer's market. I rilly wanna check it out. I'd like *best* to go in on Friday, but if we're to do that, I'd better have a book done. Or very, very close to done, anyway. Which means, whcha! Off to work with me! *zoom*
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