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reading meme: day four

Day 04 – Your favorite book ever

Ted says the answer to this is Guy Gavriel Kay’s TIGANA, and he’s probably right. I’ve read it, I don’t know, a dozen times, and it continues to work for me, which GGK either does or does not, for readers. I love its inevitability of tragedy and the moments of joy that counteract them–though largely they’re so well entwined you don’t get one without the other in that book. The doom is all *perfect*, and I just adore it.

EMILY’S CLIMB, by L.M. Montgomery, is another one for the short list, though. It’s the second of the Emily books and my favorite of the three (the third, sadly, fails on so many levels, particularly the end, which is just a *disaster*, that I stopped re-reading it when I re-read the series, but the first two are splendid.).

BLACK SUN RISING by C.S. Friedman’s another one for the short list. I like the whole trilogy, but there’s a moment in BSR which just makes me shriek with glee, so even if I didn’t really like the book to begin with, that moment puts it way over the top into the realm of my favorites.

You know, going back to day one, msagara/Michele Sagara’s “Cast” series should have gone onto my list of favorite more-than-three-books series. They read like urban fantasy, except they’re totally second-world, with dragons and elves (she said, handwaving wildly to suggest the word is only vaguely accurate but will still give you the right idea) and leonine aliens and tentacled aliens and hawkmen aliens, where “aliens” means “non-human races” rather than “little green men”. Anyway, they’re really good reads, and if you want to try the world out, there’s a Cast novella coming out in a new anthology from Luna, HARVEST MOON, er, next week actually. This is not a paid advertisement. :)

Right then. That’s enough of the reading meme for today!

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