kit (mizkit) wrote,

busy life

Ted: You’ll have to make…that stuff.
Kit: Yeah, I was just thinking I had to.

Possibly we’ve been married too long. :)

I keep failing to blog, partly because I keep being tired, but also because I apparently keep being too busy to bother. I’ve kept a blog over ten years, and only *now* my life gets too busy to write about?

Thursday I popped into town and had lunch and hot chocolate with one of our ex-pat American friends, and between those things we went to the National Library, where there’s a Yeats exhibition that Young Indiana did not approve of (it was too dark and he was clearly afraid he’d fall asleep), then went to the National History Museum next door and admired peat bog mummies, as Brian felt anybody nicknamed “Young Indiana” should be introduced to mummies as early as possible. Amazing quality of preservation in those things. Really cool. We must go back. :)

Friday, Mom and I went over to the Botanic Gardens, where we admired the rose garden and I poured parsnip and bacon soup all over myself. I could spend a lot of time at the Botanic Gardens, although I could do without the soup bath. Fortunately, it turns out the place is closer than I thought–first time I went there it was with Young Indiana in the chest-carrier, which took a lot more effort and time than going with him in the stroller. :) So now that I know that I’ll probably return more often.

Ted just brought me an artfully arranged appetizer of a quartered grilled corn tortilla with red sauce and cheese and a delicate spot of sour cream on each quarter. I love my husband. :)

Saturday we failed to buy a new bed, which took more time than you’d think from the description. :)

Okay. I have to go make that stuff now. ;)

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