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I just looked at the APotD for the first time in four and a half months. It was a good day to go back to it, but given that I’ve looked at that site every day for ten years, it’s pretty goddamned weird that I haven’t looked at it at all since April. I’ve barely looked at the NGPotD, either, nevermind the news sites, and I’m four and a half months behind on Digger. For some reason I’ve kept up on Questionable Content, but that’s the only daily comic I’m still reading. My habits, they are shattered. OTOH, I’m walking 30+ miles a week and socializing, so ya wins some, ya loses some, and I think I’m winning some. :)

I have a vision. The vision is me with mid-back-length, Rogue-striped, flat-ironed hair (or flat-dried, since I don’t require flat-ironing, my hair being naturally stick-straight), a corset, skinny jeans, and great boots at SDCC.

Of course, my hair has *never* been that long, and it would take either hair extensions or until I’m 40 to get it that long, and I don’t own a corset and almost any boots that would go with that costume (like my knee-high suede stilettos) would be *crap* for walking around SDCC in, but it’s a nice vision anyway, isn’t it? :)

I just found an Irish shoemaker. Anybody care to guess how much bespoke shoes are? (I’ve no idea. I’ve emailed to ask.)

Lucy in the sky is diamonds: astronomers determine a collapsed star’s final state is a diamond…and it sings! Seriously, science is cooler than fiction. :)

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 532.3

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