kit (mizkit) wrote,

Truthseeker give-away

Okay, the random number generated winners of TRUTHSEEKER, drawn from the pool of people who bought into the “Year of Miracles” commission, have been notified, and their books will go into the mail soonest, as will the books for the 15oth and 175th and did I say I’d send one to the 136th or something too? I’ll check and do that if I said I would. :)

Thinks to do today:
- clean fridge
- nap
- vacuum living room
- place grocery order
- laundry
- shop for baby hats & pjs
- attempt to introduce order to the master bedroom
- pack up books to send
- go for a walk ’cause it seems lovely out!

Tomorrow I must remember to go to the Twitter writer thing, assuming Young Indiana is awake at an appropriate time for me to leave the house, and Thursday is coffee with Brian and Friday I should really try to find that toddler’s group…

How can my life be so *busy*? o.O

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