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compulsive hair disorder

Those of you who know anything about me will not be surprised to hear I'm having compulsive hair disorder symptoms again.

For once, amazingly enough, I can pretty definitively say this is not a result of being unhappy with either my weight or my book, which are the usual two triggers. I'm just bloody tired of my hair. Or, more accurately, of the style it's currently cut in. This may be because it's not cut in much of a style at all. It also has a bit to do with the ends seeing very, *very* scraggly to me, although I'm having a little bit of a hard time telling of that's because of where I bleached it or if this whole bizarre "Hi, Catie! You're thirty-two years old and you have inexplicably gotten wavy hair, which you've wanted all your life!" thing just gives the ends a different texture. It might be some of both.

So anyway. I don't actually want to cut the length off, which is usually how CHD manifests itself, but I'm really tired of the current look and I don't feel like it does much of anything for my face. My inclination is to maybe get some long bang/layers cut around my face, although I wasn't particularly happy with that last time around. Then again, last time, I was trying to get layers around my face and ended up with a layer around my whole head at chin or whatever it was length and that wasn't what I wanted.

I was looking at something like this, although realistically I would never bother to make my hair that big (I don't even know how), so I don't know if it'd be anything like an improvement over what I've got right now. And I fear getting a cut I'm not happy with will just piss me off and cause me to go get it all chopped off, which is pretty typical Kit behavior.

OTOH, I'd end up with some kind of bob cut with bangs if I did that, and that looks really cute on me, so maybe it wouldn't be a total loss.

Stupid hair.
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