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Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Ted and I just finished watching Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, which my friend kirbyk referred to a while back as being the best SF show nobody was watching. He was totally right, too. It started off fine (with the single flaw of having Lena Headey do pull-ups she clearly was not really doing, which bugged me out of proportion to its five second screen time) and by the end of the second season, as John Connor was growing up and becoming John Connor, Hero Of The Revolution, it was *really good*.

And then it got cancelled. I swear if I’d had the, oh, you know, twenty million the Terminator franchise was selling for a couple years ago I’d have gotten all the writers back together and given them a third season, because wow, I want to know where they were going, and not many TV shows leave me wanting that. Farscape did, but it’s the only one I can think of off the top of my head besides this one.

Also, just for the record, “Sarah Connor Chronicles” is remarkablyhard to say. I keep saying “Sarah Chronner Conicles”. :)

Unrelated except for being about a TV show, I have a question about the last episode of season 5 Supernatural! Behind the cut, so it won’t be spoiled for anyone who hasn’t seen it, irishkate.

No, seriously, Kate, don’t read this. Because it’s too big a spoiler and you don’t want to know.




You’re still reading, aren’t you.






I told you not to read this!








No, dammit, I can’t trust you’re not reading it, I have to wait until you’ve seen the season before I can ask the question!


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