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There is SO MUCH STUFF going on in September that I want to go do!

The first annual Phizzfest is this-and-next week, with an art crawl, history lessons, musical and theatrical performances, outdoors yoga classes, drumming workshops, and a photography contest thing to enter your photos taken during the festival. And it’s nearly all free!

Next week is the Mountains to Sea Book Festival in Dun Laoghaire (wow, I spelled that correctly on the first go), and I have promised sarahtales that I’ll pop out. I should arrange that with her more solidly, but certainly at least one day I’ll go out and check it out.

Up through next weekend is an exhibition of sports photography at Trinity College, which I’m really looking forward to. I think we’ll probably go Tuesday, which day Ted has off.

And *starting* next weekend is the Dublin Fringe Festival, which is opening with the Wild Hunt coming to Dublin. Obviously I must go to this. Possibly with Young Indiana’s eyes and ears covered because it looks potentially pretty scary, but damn! I must go! And there’s loads of art and theatre and music and stuff going on for the two weeks of the festival, and I’d like to try to get to several of the things.

I could obviously do this full time and never go back to work. :)

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