kit (mizkit) wrote,

I’m reviewing the situation.

My big accomplishment for the day was getting the living room clean. Apparently I’m feeling fairly strongly that this house is ours to do with as we wish, because I keep staring around it thinking about ripping up the carpet and either putting something newer and brighter down, or seeing what kind of condition the floor boards beneath are in, and maybe doing something with them. I suspect they’re a disaster, though. And I want to repaint that room. But given that it seemed like it took all my wherewithal to get the room picked up and vacuumed, I’m not sure how I think I’m going to get those other things done unless I get myself a wife. She could cook and sew for me and come for me and go for me and go for me and nag at me and the fingers she would wag at me–

No, sorry, I don’t think I need to think it out again. A wife would be very helpful.

Yesterday we went down to the market at The Point again, this time in much better weather. :) There, we had coconut macaroons and a taco and some mini-doughnuts, the first two of which were worth repeating but the doughnuts, eh. Not great. The Dublin Wheel is up and running down there now, and we figure we’ll go on it, but it’s a crummy location, as The Point building is half as tall as the wheel, and directly in front of it. But on a clear day you can probably see England from the top of the wheel. Anyway, it was a lovely day out. Good weather we’ve been having. :)

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