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We leapt out of bed this morning (for the value of ‘leapt’ which applies to parents of a four month old, which is to say, we staggered bleary-eyed and weary out of bed) and went to see “The A-Team”, which I thought was entirely enjoyable. Importantly, unlike in “Knight and Day”, I didn’t think, “Wow, is that a body double?” when Brad Cooper was running around showing off his mag. ni. fi. cent. body, which is what I thought when Tom Cruise lost his shirt in “Knight and Day”. Young Indiana was once again a perfect darling during the movie, which had Brad Cooper without very many clothes on. Did I mention that? :)

On the way to the movie we noticed, not for the first time, apples in the road down the block from us. I’d glanced up before, vaguely assuming there must be an apple tree up there, but hadn’t actually seen the apples, what with them being still green against green leaves. This morning we backed up a bit to have a look and discovered there is indeed a massive apple tree up there on city property behind the railroad station. It is surrounded by blackberry briars. Obviously if we could get in there it would be a motherlode of froots. I’m seriously considering contacting the city and seeing if we could get permission to get back there somehow.

One of the cool things about living where we do is that it’s less than a mile from the stadium, and so every weekend afternoon this summer we’ve been able to hear the roar of the crowd. Must’ve been a good match today, as they were particularly vocal. I love the rise and fall of voices and the sudden bursts of sound when goals are made.

Yesterday we celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday (which was actually last month, but they were busy moving into Dublin on the day itself). Mom made two big lasagnas and mmmmm blueberry and apple pies (individually, not combined), and we had a lovely time of it. My sister taught us a Johnny Cash song (“Long Black Veil“) which a friend of hers had bluegrassed, and did it with such panache I thought it must be a song I knew from Allison Krauss (which should give you an idea of how beautiful my sister’s singing voice is). I’ve never heard the Johnny Cash version, but it makes an *awesome* bluegrass song!

Let’s see, what else. I made some brilliant honey wheat oatmeal bread, but I don’t seem to have bookmarked the recipe, so if anybody wants it I’ll have to write it up. And now I’m doing laundry. The exciting life of a writer, mine. :) *laughs* I said something today and followed it up with, “I need to get out more,” which made both Ted and me pause before I said, “Actually, I’m getting out a *lot* these days!” Go me. :)

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