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This morning we toddled (or more accurately, bussed) to the American embassy to apply for Young Indiana’s passport and to register his birth. He looks exactly like his father in his passport photo. It’s hysterical. :) The bus ride to the embassy took longer than the whole process inside, so that was good. We had to raise our right hands and swear we’d told the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, but without a “so help me God” attached, which is good because I’d have balked. Probably not for very long, since getting Indy’s passport & etc is more important than getting in an argument over making an oath in the name of a creator I don’t believe in, but I was pleased there was no deity involved. :)

And! Then Ted and I went our separate ways, he to work and me to town. In town, I collected the stroller which we bought four weeks ago and I ran into a wall and damaged three weeks ago and have been missing very much ever since. And it cost fifty fucking euro to fix, which is a far cry from the ten I was told.

And! I then popped over to the cinema where I learned that yes indeed, early film showings are baby-friendly. So now we know it’s possible to go to early shows of almost everything (they won’t let you go to R-rated films with a baby. Buh, sez I. Buh.), so we will be able to catch up on most of the summer blockbusters we want to watch. I failed a second time, though, to get my unlimited card. I’ll have to try doing it online this afternoon.

And! Then I swung by the Writers’ Centre to find out about writers’ groups and volunteer to send them my resume and a couple books and stuff in case they’d like to have someone teach some classes/a workshop on writing genre fiction. Now I have a printout of local groups and maybe I’ll find one to go to. :)

And! Then Young Indiana and I walked home, which we had not previously done. It’s really not very far at all. It took about 25 minutes, and that was with waiting for traffic lights and stopping at the butcher to buy some poke fops for dinner (and for the butcher man to have a nice little conversation with Himself).

And! …now I should go do dishes, and then run to the post orifice once Young Indiana wakes up from his nap.

(or perhaps he’ll wake up before I get the dishes done because I was busy making a blog post…)

thinks to do:
- unlimited card
- post orifice
- draw names for TRUTHSEEKER
- grocery shopping
- dishes

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