kit (mizkit) wrote,

lovely afternoon

Well, that was an utterly lovely afternoon, both in weather and in company. The wee fambly went into Dublin to meet up with a friend, and we walked about and went through a tiny hedge maze (or possibly a labyrinth; there was some discussion about what made a labyrinth vs a maze, and I opined David Bowie at the centre, but no one else agreed with me) and smelled the–well, lavender, actually, but it was in the rose garden!–and sat around so Young Indiana could put on the Full Charm Mode, and yeah. Really, really nice day.

And I have a date to go see Toy Story 3 next week with said friend, as he’s usually able to go to early daytime shows, except being single, male, and in his thirties, it’s creepy for him to go to a kid movie, so I thought I’d provide him with a woman hauling an infant and therefore an excuse. :) Though I do need to check with the theatre and make certain the morning shows are in fact baby-friendly.

We also randomly encountered another acquaintance from the convention circuit, which I thought was pretty awesome. This living in Dublin thing, it’s almost like having a life!

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