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And that’s a wrap.

I’ve just finished the synopses for the final 3 Walker Papers novels. I now know how the story ends. And more importantly, I know how this last story arc middles, which was always more the question. :)

Tomorrow I will spell check, look the chapters over and see if they need more work, and send this off. Though technically having written this stuff is setting it all in motion, actually submitting it feels much more like the beginning of the end, which is pretty weird. Ten years of my life have gone into the Walker Papers, and it’ll be twelve or thirteen years by the time I’m done.

Next up: writing the proposal for books 3-5 of the Inheritors’ Cycle. The goal: finish it by the end of August, which is something of a challenge, as I’m hoping to write about a hundred pages of story for the proposal for book 3. Plus synopses. So we’ll see!

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