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boring food post #1

Boring food post and a bit of weight loss nattering behind the cut.

breakfast: oatmeal, consisting of (surprisingly, no doubt) oatmeal, brown sugar, cream, cinnamon, strawberries
snack: apple
lunch: 2 small dinner rolls with butter, pb&j, chips, handful of chocolate chips
snack: blueberry breakfast bar (Kellogg’s Nutrigrain: surprisingly good. Only the blueberry are good, though. The rest taste like perfume.)

This fella over at Wired wrote a fairly entertaining article on how Weight Watchers is an RPG. I rather like the mentality he presents. I tend to try to figure out small rewards for weight loss–like getting to wear my (larger) sapphire and diamond ring again when I break through the 170 pound plateau, and making myself a new long coat when I reach 165. The Rogue stripe is reserved for 155 or slimmer (and may depend on how long my hair is when I reach that weight). The whole setting aside money for a new wardrobe thing is definitely an end-game scenario. Perhaps the larger rewards are cut scenes, and one pound losses are levels? :)

WW happened to work for me up until the point that I got the idea that I’d defeated the weight monster into my head and started eating less mindfully. By far the most useful thing I took away from it, really, was portion control, which I have said eleven zillion times that I must re-instigate, and which eleven zillion times I have failed to do. But right now writing down what I’m eating should be useful. I mean, heck, it already stopped me from buying an eclair today. :)

My incredibly cool family at the park yesterday (photos by my dad):

My sister Deirdre, who is insanely strong, doing acrobatic yoga. Aah, what I wouldn’t do to be in her kind of condition…

…except, apparently, pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, yoga, pilates and running. :)

And Mom gets in on the acrobatic yoga action. :)

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