kit (mizkit) wrote,

o dear lord the humiliation

I just did Pilates for the first time in what, a year. With the first two exercises I thought “Hey, not so bad, maybe I didn’t lose ALL the muscle tone!”

Then I tried the third, which mostly involved lying on the floor laughing pathetically at my inability to move. :) Clearly I need to find someone with a video camera this weekend, and I can do my Pilates For Normal People video, because there is no doubt at all that I’m at the absolute out-of-shape rank beginner stage again. No one could possibly be intimidated by my current physical conditioning. :)

thinks to do today:
- make bread
- finish 1 synopsis, including, importantly, figuring out that critical bit with Gary (o.o)
- get tea tree oil, vitamin e oil, vitamin c, multivitamins & hydrogen peroxide 2 pharmacies, no vitamin e oil. wtf!
- get potatoes
- and trash bags TOTAL FAIL due to not bringing my wallet & spending all my money on the above pharmeceuticals *mutter*
- so I can clean the kitty litter
- go for a walk, which is fortunately necessary to completing items 3-5
- bathe the baby
- laundry

*stares at that list*


(eta: actually, what I’ve completed by 11:30am ain’t half bad!)

I dreamed this morning that Hugh Jackman fell madly in love with me while we were doing a stage play together. I told this to my husband, who said, “Well, if we *have* to do a wife swap, it could be worse.” *laughs* Also, one of my sister’s friends was in the dream, only she was being played by Alaina Huffman. I added that after the Hugh Jackman bit, and Ted said, “I think you shouldn’t have any more of that pizza.” :) I donno, maybe it had the same stuff in it as the spicy something ranch dressing at Lone Star which caused me to dream about Xena giving birth to the baby Jesus (a year or so before she did that on the show, I mean). OTOH, it was the yoga that released my inner penguins that one time, so perhaps the food can’t be blamed… :)

Hm. Just got my Del Rey royalty statements. Think we could find about 10,000 people to buy THE PRETENDER’S CROWN so my editor can buy the rest of that series? (Except, um, you *really* need to read THE QUEEN’S BASTARD first, so I may meed another 20K books sold to make this work. :))

Right. Young Indiana is slurping on my hand because computers aren’t very interesting to him, so I’m off to do my errands. :)

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