kit (mizkit) wrote,

routine: the attempting of

Okay. It is clear to me that in order to get certain things done–like Pilates and, it appears, writing–I must make some changes to my daily routine. The obvious best solution here is “no internet until Ted gets home from work”, but since I would like to maintain a degree of reality in this plan, it’s probably more likely to be:

- no internet prior to doing pilates or yoga
- make more of an effort to take that morning walk. 3 or 4 miles a day does wonders toward the weight loss thing. possibly this should also be done pre-internet, but that starts getting unlikely
- use either 1. willpower or 2. one of those site blockers to stay off Twitter, FB, LJ, gmail, during writing time (#2 is more likely to succeed, innit)

A friend of mine is starting Weight Watchers this week, and in solidarity I’m going to, if not quite count points yet, at least start keeping a food log. So probably there’ll be a cut-tag Boring Food Post daily. Perhaps that’ll encourage me to eat more froots and remember to drink water, particularly. At least I’ve already gone off sugar again. Anyway, so BFPs commencing tomorrow, and perhaps something like this will also help create a routine.

Off to a free concert in the park now!

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