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I need to start writing down LJ usernames instead of thinking, “ZOMG! Elizabeth Moon! I must friend her from my writing-friends-journal!” and then failing to make a note of the name so later (like today) when I go to get around to it, I have no idea what username I’m looking for. And Tamora Pierce, too, she’s another one I noticed in the past few days. *mutter*

My damned netbook needs a new power supply–the dongle that fits into the computer got damaged while we were moving–and I went into town to look for one today. They cost a hundred flipping euro at PC World, whereas the internet offers to sell them to me for about fifteen. What the fuck, sez I. The problem with the internet, unfortunately, is that they’re sold from sites and there’s some stupid law which says you’re not allowed to ship electronics into Ireland. Or something like that. And I’m not sure if my European Paypal account works properly, which makes ebaying it harder. *mutter* There’s a laptop repair shop down the way so I’ll go see if they’ve got them, but *mutter*.

I also looked for new shoes, because my feet continue to hurt enough that I’m avoiding going for walks, but the store I’ve been getting them at didn’t have identical ones to the ones I was wearing, and I had Young Indiana strapped to my chest so there was no chance of trying shoes on. I did get some new insoles which are probably better than the “look, at least you can /wear/ the shoes” insoles I got a couple weeks ago, but really, I haven’t seen any insoles here like the ones we got in the States. Possibly I need to send someone shopping for us. *mutter*

Our dryer, which was supposed to be here last week, doesn’t get delivered until tomorrow. I sure as hell hope it gets delivered, because diapers in particular are a raging you know what in the ass, as a friend of mine once said, without a dryer. And the weather’s been poor, so our clothes have become a Giant Pile of Doom again. *mutter*

And I bought strawberries while I was out because I couldn’t remember if I’d put them on the grocery order. I had. Now I have All The Strawberries. I may be forced to buy some vanilla ice cream and make a strawberry milkshake. *mu…* no, wait, that’s not really mutterable, is it. :)

My hair is driving me *batshit*. I am at a loss as to why I thought it would be a good idea to grow it out. *mutter* (Except I can’t do a Rogue stripe, really, with short hair. And I’ve always vaguely wondered if I could pull off the Veronica Lake hairstyle, and there’s only one way to find out. And it is possible that Veronica Lake hair with a Rogue stripe would look *awesome*. It’s also possible it’d look stupid, of course, but once more, only one way to find out…*mutter*)

Horrifyingly, I have read only 7 books this year. 9, I suppose, if you count reading my own during revisions and copy edits, but still. *mutter*

There. I’ve probably got all of that out of my system now. :) And tersa and esmerel sent me a wifty care package, so the world is not *all* about the mutterings! :)

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