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Yesterday my mother, who is wonderful, came over to sit on Young Indiana for a few hours so Ted and I could go to a movie. We had intentions of attending the high-brow film “The A-Team”, but were derailed by trying to buy the unlimited monthly passes, which, infuriatingly, took forty minutes and only scored us one. So we went to the even-higher-brow film “Predators”.

I’d had no particular intention of seeing Predators, since 1. I’ve seen none of the previous films and don’t give a hoot about the franchise, and 2. it stars Adrien Brody, and I am deeply torn on the topic of Adrien Brody. On the one hand, I find him wildly attractive. He’s not quite Peter Wingfield, but in a world without Peter Wingfield he’d be the next best thing. On the other hand, even, what, five years after the fact (good lord, 8 years, according to IMDB), I really don’t think he should have kissed Halle Berry at the Oscars* (and I really think she should have kneed him in the nads), and so I am torn on the topic of his fine self.

However, bluehairedangie reported “You don’t know how many times I thought of you while watching Predators, because of Adrien Brody’s Nose. When tersa leaned over at one point and whispered “Catie _has_ to see this movie,” I promptly dissolved into giggles,” on Facebook and then tersa reported the same story to me on Twitter, it became clear that, well, I had to see that movie. And indeed, at the very moment (which they had not disclosed to me ahead of time) that Tersa leaned over to say that to Angie, I thought, “Ah, this is what made Tersa tell Angie I had to see this movie.” :) (And my husband, who is very very funny, gave me a “calm down, girl” pat on the thigh at that moment, too, which made me laugh.) Though actually, the scenes I liked best came before that, and were both very Methos moments. :)

After the movie my sister invited us over for a Cajun Crab Pot dinner, which was incredibly good, but Ted and I were so tired my father kept laughing at us as we sat there looking numb and dull. :) Early night last night, for us exhausted folks.

*the whole issue of being torn on the topic of Adrien Brody is further complicated by that having been the best and most theatrical (or cinematic) kiss I’ve ever seen, bar none. I’ve seen plenty of staged kisses which were supposed to look like that, but that was just…I mean, you’ve got the Princess Bride’s generally agreed-upon top ten kisses in all of history, where Wesley and Buttercup’s blow them all away, right? The Brody/Barry kiss was like that, only better. So: deeply torn.

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