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30 July 2010 @ 02:59 pm
approaching a magic number  

Well. When I typed that subject line, I was thinking of the “Year of Miracles” commission, which is just shy of equalling the number of subscribers (138) “Hot Time” had from its two months of sales, eight months apart. I think I should give a copy of “Hot Time” to the 139th person who subscribes to “Year of Miracles”. And maybe to the 150th. And if I reach 175, I’ll provide something more extravagant–TRUTHSEEKER, probably, and something else I can’t talk about right now–and should I reach 200 subscribers I will send out an Irish Care Package to the 200th. :) So go forth and retweet, good people! (Augh. I have adopted “retweet” as a phrase to mean “boost the signal”, it seems.)

In other magic number stuff, though, this weekend is my 20th high school reunion. I keep thinking “My God, I must have been very young when I graduated!”, which is completely silly. I mean, it happens that I /was/ very young, as I graduated high school when I was 16, but mostly, just, I mean, 20 years? Really? It can’t be 20 years, I just had a baby. Yes, yes, I realize that makes no sense at all. Obviously this is not about sense. :) And several of my classmates have kids who are 18 or 19, which is just as silly as it being 20 years. Anyway, I kind of wish I was going. It would be interesting. Maybe there’ll be a 25th year reunion I can go to. :)

People in Portland: I boost the signal for my friend Nicholas Whyte, who says: I see that the Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery has released a new beer called Oud Heverlee Belgian Pale Ale – since it is named after my home village, I will be very interested to hear field reports of its quality!

Do not forget the housewarming party this weekend!

eta: Ding! There came donation #139. #150 gets a copy of “Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight”, too, and then #’s 175 & 200 get books and a care package, respectively. bryant rightfully points out this provides a reason to wait to try to be one of those numbers donating, so I will also throw in a drawn-from-the-hat randomized book prize to be selected from anybody who donates (essentially) today or tomorrow, and to make things fair, a second two randomized book prizes from the first 134 donations (which should keep everybody’s odds at about 1 in 67).

You guys are cool. :)

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ruford42 on July 31st, 2010 02:20 pm (UTC)
I saw the advert about the prizes through the mailing list and thought "Doh! I should have waited to place my order!!! If only the wife hadn't insisted as soon as we saw it..." Which was promptly followed by "Hrmmm...I could order another..."

I love the contests and prizes, but wondering if giving people an incentive to delay a purchase is what you're intending -- I bring this up, because these days the only delays the wife and I have on purchasing your work is, well tracking it down...which gratefully is so much easier now with ebooks!

Also, I'm still laughing at the reunion paragraph. I also graduated at 16, but as I'm halfway across the country now and there were only a whopping seven others -- I'm doubting there will even be a reunion, but some of the contrasts are still a marvel. Two of my friends got married later that same year and have gone on to have multiple children, while I only inherited stepsons 18 years later at our wedding in June.