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go figure.

Teh Intarwebs, upon being asked, explained how one dyes a synthetic wig (answer: with permanent ink markers, as most dyes are meant for natural fibers). I have for aaaages wanted to do a Chiana (or at least a Nebari) costume for Halloween. Getting a white wig (maybe something like this?) and coloring it appropriately with a marker wouldn’t really be that hard. A bit time consuming, but since it’d be short and only the roots need ‘dying’, not that bad.

Going to the trouble of a Nebari costume, however, really requires a Halloween party to *go* to. Or perhaps to provide. Is late July too early to begin planning a Halloween party? And I need to figure out when to have my first Dessert Party, too…

We went to the Democrats Abroad meeting last night. Craziness, being out in Dublin city centre on a Tuesday night! It was pleasant–there are both Americans and Irish who attend, all of the Irish being people who’ve lived in the States for years. A *whole bunch* of the Americans moved over here about five years ago. “What,” I said, “did you guys all say, “If Bush gets elected again, I’m leaving”, too?” A woman who is 7 months pregnant with twins said, “I said that.” So yeah. It was a pleasant evening out, and they’re talking about doing a monthly movie night, with the first one being in…a couple weeks, I think, so we may do that too.

I did not go to the baby cinema today. I’ll have to go 2 weeks from now, but today I went forth to try to find masonry paint instead, because I really, really want to get that wall painted. And mylescorcoran was very helpful and used the magic of Google Maps and found a paint & DIY shop less than a kilometer from where I live. However, I should have taken his advice about calling ahead to make sure they had what I needed, because in fact it turned out the shop is no longer there. *wry look* Oh well, it got Young Indiana and myself out of the house for a while. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow, though I may actually, y’know, call ahead to a few places first. And if I find some I’m going to have to paint the wall tomorrow, because they’re calling for rain for the rest of eternity.

I have not finished the proposal for RAVEN CALLS. This does not please me. And yet I’m writing a blog entry instead of working on it. Perhaps I should change that. *goes to work*

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