kit (mizkit) wrote,

thinks to do, redux

- make bread
- clear out weed bed in garden
- sweep up garden floor
- locate or purchase work gloves so the cruft from the weed bed & garden floor can be picked up without introducing delicate hands to bugs with an obvious “-pede” suffix
- pour boiling water over garden floor
- scrub garden floor with bleach water
- scrub garden wall with bleach water
- paint garden wall if weather permits
- perhaps hang a second clothes line
- call in order for the dryer
- finish unpacking my office
- finish unpacking the library
- get art up in library & office
- finish ch 3 of RAVEN CALLS
- find a vet or pet store to get food for zilli
- go see mom & dad’s new house
- laundry. fuckloads and fuckloads of laundry
- blog post for Rachel

Getting up at 7 does have its advantages.

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