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not *precisely* back on points...

...but back on the wagon. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm counting points, but I'm off sugar as of ... well, I had two cookies Thursday, so I guess technically it's as of Friday. Granted, it's only been what, 36 hours, but still. :)

For the record, "off sugar" means "no sweets in general, but I can have a spoonful of sugar on my cereal, gorp (which they don't seem to have in this country, not that I've looked very hard) and a palmful of chocolate chips (which they also don't have readily in this country) if I'm desperate." I am not actively avoiding foods that have sugar in them, though I don't typically drink pop, and food in Ireland seems to be less injected with sugar (and salt) in general, which is kind of nice.

I think I've put on about 4 pounds since January. I've gone back and forth with that weight, and I don't actually have a scale right now, but my weight in general is up a little. It's up about 8 pounds from the Very Lowest I Ever Saw It At, which was about 151.8. I wanna see that number again. :) And then its little brother, 149.8. :)

Getting back to 155 will be relatively easy. It's breaking below that that's kind of the bitch. I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about gymming. There's a swimming pool in Cobh, but it's about an hour's walk. The Curves is about (as best I can figure, since I haven't actually *found* it yet) 30-40 minutes away from the house. Apparently the best gym/pool in the area is the Mardyke Arena, which is University College Cork's gym. It, by way of walking, training and busing, is about an hour from me. I'm wondering if I'd go into Cork to use it. On the plus side, it'd be 40 minutes of reading or writing time while on public transport. On the minus side, it's expensive (though not more expensive than a membership to Curves and paying for the pool, especially if I take a cab on one leg of that journey) and in the best-case scenario would be a 3 hour chunk of any given day. Realistically, it'd be 4 hours and could be longer.

The thing is, of course, it'd take that long to go swimming/to Curves on Cobh, too, and I'd *far* rather have the real weight lifting facilities at the university.

Again, realistically, I'm not going to start gymming or anything until after PHOENIX LAW is done. I'd really like to start on Monday, but I'm just not prepared for it, so. But I want to get down to 150 by my birthday, which is 2 months from now. Exercise would help that.

(I suppose I *could* (gasp) just start doing situps and pushups and other-ups at *home*...!)
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