kit (mizkit) wrote,

We’re here!

We’ve made it to Dublin, and now we have internet. And I had a post written up last night before I had a connection and like an idiot I rebooted the computer, so here we go again.

God, we have a lot of stuff. Even though I didn’t do the bulk of the moving (or even a fraction of it), all these damned books have made me think: Kindle. Or Nook, or Sony E-Reader, or iPad, but digital, anyway. I’ve been wanting to go digital with the music and movies, and this impulse is just another step in that direction. Apparently I’ve left my attachment to traditional media behind in Longford.

Great thanks are owed to my sister, irishkate and omegar, the latter of whom came over Saturday to do heavy lifting, and the former of whom did virtually all the unpacking that’s been done, while I stood around with Young Indiana and made vague suggestions. That’s most of what I’ve been doing in terms of helping move, I’m afraid. It’s extremely difficult to be useful when you’re carrying a 2 month old around all the time.

Thanks to my sister living around the corner (and Kate’s presence for two days), I have already had more social life living here five days than I’ve had in most of five years in Ireland. This is for the win. Also, Ted pointed out that we now live about forty feet from the canal path, which extends forty or more miles northwest, and which is for non-vehicular traffic, so I can cycle on it. I find it odd that I might be able to get more cycling done in the biggest city than in the hinterlands, but it’s heartening. I’d been thinking of giving my bicycle up, but it’s good I haven’t!

thinks to do/get around this house, perhaps in order of importance but probably not in order of accomplishment:
- ikea kitchen counter
- dryer
- table & chairs
- king sized bed
- clean up & paint the back ‘garden’ walls
- possibly do a mural of my characters on one of the walls
- clean up the garden chairs
- repaint front room
- set up the wee greenhouse for a wee herb garden
- other things as they occur

Goals for July:
- finish unpacking
- write proposals for final 3 Walker Papers

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