kit (mizkit) wrote,

I’m unemployed.

I have just become unemployed for the first time in a decade.

My day job dumped me at the end of 2004, at which time I was contracted for two series, the Walker Papers and the Strongbox Chronicles. Since then, I’ve been constantly under contract–Walker Papers, Strongbox Chronicles, Negotiator Trilogy, Inheritors’ Cycle–but I have now turned in book six of the Walker Papers, SPIRIT DANCES, and that means I’m officially out of contract.

Wow. Wow, how utterly, *utterly* bizarre.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. July’s task is writing the proposals for the final 3 Walker Papers, which I fully expect Luna to buy. I have a proposal to write for the rest of the Inheritors’ Cycle, too, and the Old Races novella commission is in the works, of course, but basically: out of contract & unemployed.

I think I’ll spend the weekend enjoying it! No, wait, I’m going to spend the weekend moving into Dublin. Darn. :)

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