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*laughs* I should have known saying we needed an au pair who spoke a non-English language fluently would get some volunteers. Sadly, since the technical definition of au pair includes “lives with the family” I’m afraid any volunteers would actually have to find their own lodging, which is probably not nearly as ideal as might be hoped, especially since I can only pay in books and food. :)

I’ve been walking quite a lot but have totally lost track of my Rivendell miles. I need to start that count up again, so I do.

Ted has been packing like crazy while I’ve been working on the last bits of revisions to SPIRIT DANCES so I can get it turned in. We have a futon we’re looking to get rid of, on the offhand chance anybody we know in Dublin needs one… Somebody on Jumbletown already spoke for it. Yay, that means we don’t have to move it!

Speaking of moving, the Old Races “Year of Miracles” commission is going well. It runs through the end of July, so you still have a chance to buy in, and to tell lots of other people that they have a chance to buy in. :) (Yes, I fear I’ll be mentioning this weekly until the end of July. I don’t know another way to advertise, see…)

We’ve just caught up on all our recorded TV (except the last two episodes of “Painkiller Jane”, which don’t air until Thursday night), which is good, since this cable box isn’t going with us to the new place (different provider there). I loved the last couple episodes of “V”, with allegiences shifting all over the place. I’m so pleased Morena Baccarin has a role in it, because I didn’t like her Firefly character at all (not the actor’s fault, I just seriously dislike that particular character archetype), so it’s awesome seeing her in something else where she’s splendid. And Ted and I thoroughly enjoyed “Human Target”, which has just been lots of fun. I’m glad they got a second season. And the end of this season’s “Doctor Who” pleased me greatly, though it wasn’t as utterly splendid as the Van Gogh episode, which was just the best of what Who is, as far as I’m concerned. (I came late to the Whoniverse, but I really do love the Doctor. He makes people better, a phrase which can be read two ways, both of which are appropriate but the second of which is really what the Doctor does.) We still have to watch the end of “Supernatural” and “Smallville”, but we’ve got those on a different device and will be watching them at the new place during the possibly extended period of time where we can’t afford to get cable. :)

Oh. Would somebody in the UK be willing to have an order of nappy liners sent to them, to send on to me? The kind we want, the company we can find them from won’t ship to Ireland, so I need an intermediary…

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