kit (mizkit) wrote,

sleep dep in action

I couldn’t get through a coherent sentence yesterday to save my life. “It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold as long as it’s 70 degrees!” I said cheerfully. What I meant was it didn’t matter if it rained as long as it was 70 degrees. Or, shortly after that, discussing second-hand shops, “You can spend a lot of money with a hundred euro!” when I meant “A hundred euro goes a long way at a second-hand shop.” Then later I was carrying the diaper bag (have I taken a picture of that? I must. It’s magnificent.) and I’d thought I had both straps over my shoulder, except I couldn’t see one. So I started looking for it. On my shoulder. Over my arm. Across the top of the bag. Eventually I found it dangling from the far side of the bag. You know. The side upon which it was attached, from whence I might expect to have collected it.

Mom, watching me try to find the strap, got the giggles. ;) And they all laughed at me for my incoherent comments, not that I could blame them… :)

Ooh, also, while Ted’s parents were here, we saw a cow chasing a rabbit. How weird is that? :)

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