kit (mizkit) wrote,

one down, 6 to go…

We’re doing something with this move that we always say we should do when we move: go through all the random piles of crap and extraneous boxes of paperwork and so on and so forth and getting rid of it before we move.

To that end, we have just emptied out the front bedroom in its entirety. It was probably the least full-of-crap-to-empty, because it’d been cleaned out recently to become a baby’s room, and then again to become a guest bedroom. We did find about a dozen 3-6 month costumes for Young Indiana, so now we have to change his clothes every fifteen minutes to make sure he’ll have the chance to wear them all. Besides that, though, we amalgamaged a bunch of (mostly baby) stuff from 6 or 7 boxes into 3, and emptied the crap out of nightstand drawers, which resulted in conversations like this:

“Should we be keeping these stainless steel screws/five thousand USB cords/unused modems/ancient installation CDs/etc?”
“Yeah, just in case.”
“Just in case of what?
*pause* “Ok, throw them away.”

The only thing left in there right now is a full-spectrum lightbulb which I need to remove when it cools down, because it belongs to me. Then I will close the door and only go back in there once, to clean it.

The down side of this bout of efficiency in the front bedroom, of course, is that the Back Forty looks rather like a tornado hit it. But that’s a problem for another day, because my goal is one room a day, and that’s done. *dusts hands*

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