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I couldn't think of a reason to not just switch to the LJ thing now. I have no idea if the mizkit_feed will pick up the lj posts or not. I have the vague idea it won't, but if it does and people get spammed, um, sorry. I've set anonymous comments to be screened, for the moment, and will decide after I get a lil' more feedback whether I'll just turn 'em on or what.

I've even downloaded Semagic for my computer. Gosh, I'm so spiffy. And let me tell you, it is WEIRD looking at my homepage and getting LJ comments on it. Buh! That'll probably take a few days to wear off... :)

Ok, so I'm easily amused. Your point is?

(eta: there is currently a link at the top of this page for the Moveable Type archives for the Essential Kit. This link will go away in several weeks, or whenever I remember to change it, but there is and always will be a link to the MT archives over there on the right, last link under 'pages'. just FYI.)
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