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weight exchange

Young Indiana is two weeks old today. He has, according to his two week checkup, gained 3 oz since birth. I have lost 21.6 pounds since his birth. I think this is an excellent weight exchange.

In other exchange news, thanks to Greece and possibly Britain, but certainly Greece (and, frankly, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland), the euro is plummeting against the dollar and it’s possible that when I get paid (hopefully sometime this week) it will not be quite the eye-gouging experience it usually is when the exchange rate is accounted for. The thing that frustrates me about the exchange rate in general is it makes no difference at all to people who get paid in euros, but it makes a huge difference to me, who gets paid in dollars. Ah well; the flip side is that thanks to (even Ireland’s not-particularly-well-done, compared to most of Europe) national health care, I’ve just had nine months of prenatal care and a two-day hospital stay at no cost at all to myself, so ya wins some, ya loses some.

Bed now, where ‘bed’ means ‘go attempt to charm young Indiana into sleep so I too can sleep’.

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