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such a new mom

I am such a new Mom. I am willing to concede that my friends have cute children, but I’m afraid none of those children can possibly be as utterly adorably charmingly perfect as young Mister Henry. Even if I know all their parents think the same things about their children. It’s slightly embarrassing. :)

Obviously I have a lot to post about. Someday I might even have the energy to do it. That moment, however, is not now.

Couple pictures behind the cut. :)

Henry on the baby quilt his Grandma Murphy made for him. (We have so many amazing quilts and blankets from people. I need to get a picture of him with all of them.)

My current favorite picture of Henry and Ted, who has unexpectedly gotten to feed His Small Self after an emergency breast-pump purchase, because HOLY CRAP THE BOOB FAIRY. It was like the poor baby was trying to latch onto a softball. The size of Toledo.

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