kit (mizkit) wrote,

death march, day 2

Thanks to Crysoula’s early morning presence in the war room (well, early for me, late for her), my wordcount at 9:30am stands at just over 1K (THANK YOU SOULA!!!). Odds that more warriors will show up this morning are slim, so it’s back to blogging wars with myself. I think I’m aiming for writing a whole chapter before I go shower, which means another 2500 words by noon, if I can manage it.

Starting NOW.

war #1: 358. that’s rather disappointing. *continues on without a break*
war #2: 533. better. feeding lucy 2nd breakfast now, feeding myself brain-encouraging cranapple juice. back at it in 10.
war #3: 467
war #4: 407. 2800 total by noon, wondering if I can finish this chapter before perishing of hunger. think I’ll try…
war #5: 608 and I’m still not done with the damned chapter. *keeps typing*
war #6: 219 to finish the damned chapter and now I go to EAT OM NOM NOM NOM NOM

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