kit (mizkit) wrote,

go me.

Apparently I ate my Wheaties this morning or something, because I had 3K written by noon and finished the day with 5200 words. Furthermore, thanks to that one chapter mostly requiring revision rather than writing, the book, which was at 67K last night, is now at 76K. I will not finish it by Friday, which was when I hoped to have it done, but there’s some hope I might get it done by next week.

Then I went out into the…well, not sunshine, really, but at least daylight, and finished reading an ARC of Jackie Kessler & Caitlin Kittredge’s SHADES OF GRAY, sequel to last year’s superhero novel BLACK AND WHITE, which book I enjoyed enormously. SHADES OF GRAY, however, blew it out of the water. It’s out in July. Preorder it now. :)

I believe my evening will be made up of bibbling tiredly and watching Stargate: Universe. Oh, and wishing my parents a happy 42nd wedding anniversary! :)

p.s.: Ted made an incredible dinner of bacon-wrapped breast of chicken stuffed with mushrooms, churiso and brie on a carrot-parsnip puree with a side of spinach. *collapses in gastronomic delight* I love my husband. O.O

ytd wordcount: 138,900

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