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bitty wee accomplishments

I got the cover copy feedback sent. I got the chapter written. I did not get the kettle cleaned, but I COULD STILL DO IT.

Ted, in the meantime, has been Mr. Accomplishful and cleaned the upstairs of the house nigh unto unrecognizability, and has tidied up the back patio into a place people might want to spend time on. Now we need a barbeque and some chairs comfortable enough to sit on out there, which is always a problem: I find chairs comfy enough to sit on are rarely weatherproof. And the birds were so taken with the planter that got filled with water that I’d like to stick a bird bath back there, to see what kinds of birds I can get pictures of. Out of all our big plans, however, the one most likely to be accomplished is getting a second stake for the apple tree in order to try to convince it to grow more upright, and perhaps to get a second apple tree to see if that helps it make apples (it’s supposed to be self-germinating or whatever, but last year it didn’t). Are we exciting, or what? :)

In other news, cutting ice cream, cookies, cakes, etc out of our diet still reliably produces weight loss. How annoying is *that*?

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