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It’s gloriously beautiful out. I finished writing a chapter this afternoon, then put myself into a pair of shorts and a hat, made some lemonade, poured on the sunscreen, and went outside to read for most of an hour before I 1. finished the book and 2. reached critical melting point temperatures. I’m quite pink now. I’m hoping it’s pure heat-based pink, not sunburn–the sunblock is SPF 50, so I *shouldn’t* be burnt–but my, that was nice. I’m all sleepy and content now. And the whole week is supposed to be nice, so I’m going to have to bask in it as much as I can, because the Irish Weather Sage apparently says June will be nice but then it’s going to be miserable for the rest of the year, and he’s irritatingly accurate about these things.

And now I have read THREE books this year. (God, how pathetic is that? It’s as many as seven if you count the fact that I’ve re/read TRUTHSEEKER and DEMON HUNTS twice, but bleh, that doesn’t really count.)

Ardian, although he was not lead penciller on the title, has been nominated for a Hugo Award again, this time for Captain Britain And MI13, Volume 3: Vampire State. How completely awesome is *that*? *beams foolishly*

ytd wordcount: 128,400

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