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a request to the hive mind

My dad’s computer has been infected with a virus which redirects searches to completely random places. Ted’s spent about twenty hours trying to clean it up, to no avail. In desperation, we turn to the hive mind to see if anybody has suggestions he hasn’t tried. The following is what he *has* tried:

Ok, so the computer has run into js/fake alert and I can’t seem to get rid of it. Have uninstalled and reinstalled completely the browser.

Used Spydoctor, McAfee, and Norton to try and get ride of the problem and still no joy. After reinstall of Firefox the search feature will work for a while and then start back up with random websites keyed to something that I cannot find and will block any attempt to get to antivirus software web pages. I cannot get Norton to update and windows update does not work either (and that is on explorer 8). I have not found anything on the web to guide me in a permanent fix.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Also I am not convinced that the problem with web page navigation is related to the virus but nothing else is coming up to point me in
another direction.

I know he has also downloaded spyware and virusware updates onto memory sticks from a different computer and installed them, so it’s not just being unable to get to upgrades–the latest thing he can download doesn’t seem to be doing the trick either.

Nor can we tell if possibly Dad’s hitting some site which is reinfecting him, so if anybody has any idea where the virus might be *coming* from, that could be helpful too. :/

Thank you in advance!

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