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my husband is a genius.

Got the revisions up to about 58K, whereupon I ran into the second place where I’d screwed up and where, it turned out, I still didn’t know exactly what it was I should do to fix it. So I said to Ted I didn’t know what to do, he said “Where are you at now,” I told him, and then he told me exactly what needed to happen next.

It’s so obvious I don’t know why I didn’t think of it, but thank goodness I have him around! :)

I am quite certain we would not have gone off sweets on Monday had we remembered there were boxes of Girl Scout cookies on the way to us. Fortunately, for some value of fortunately, they didn’t arrive until Thursday, which put us at 72+ hours junk-free, and 72 hours is one of those milestones for me, at least (I donno if Ted encounters them the same way). So the cookies have gone to live on a high shelf, where they will remain for at least six weeks and probably more like 12. By July we may have conquered the sweet beast enough to dare nibble a few. :)

All right. I can’t think of anything else to say, so I’d better get back to the job of beating this manuscript into submission.

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