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word wars anniversary

Next Tuesday is the 1st anniversary/birthday/whatever of the word war room I started. In celebration, I’d like to invite people to come by and just hang out in the chat room for a few hours, probably around noon-3pm Eastern, to discuss writing, ask questions, and whatever else comes to mind. I’ll certainly be there and there’s a reasonable chance at least a couple other professional fantasy authors–Robin D. Owens and Laura Anne Gilman–will be there as well. I may even go so far as to put a feeler out to see if anybody else would like to drop by and participate.

I’ll provide the link next Tuesday. It probably won’t be the actual war room (which can be found daily at toonowrimo), because we really do use that room to work from and we’re all under deadline, but I just wanted to do something a little celebratory, because I think it’s really, *really* cool that the wars have been running a whole year now. :)

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