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My parents, bless them a thousand times, have spent the past few days whitewashing the fence, AKA proofreading the TRUTHSEEKER manuscript for me. I’ll be giving it my own pass this weekend, which, because they’ve had the ms the past few days, I keep forgetting I need to do. I keep thinking “Well maybe I can write a little on Saturday and edge SPIRIT DANCES up to 60K”, but no, not really. Not with the proofs to do.

Still, I’ve hit the 55K mark on SD, which puts me at halfway or perhaps slightly better than, which is not bad with 3 weeks before I turn it in. (This is why 60K by the weekend would be great: 40K in 3 weeks seems like a comparative breeze. Not that 45K is very much more, but it’s all on account of psychology, you know?) And on the positive side, I’ve just had the “crap, there aren’t enough words left in this book to resolve all the storylines” moment, which is almost always a good sign. (Usually it’s accompanied by an equally strong, “Crap, I don’t have enough story to fill all the wordcount” moment, nevermind that those are totally contradictory beliefs, but no, actually, right now it’s “too much story, not enough words!” Whew.)

All the Walker Papers sets will go into the mail tomorrow!

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 185.8
ytd wordcount: 113,100

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