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updatey updatiness

There are lots of ads on TV for HDTV. As far as I can tell from the ads, HDTV provides you with slow-motion everything. I’m not sure why this is a selling point. :)

Let’s see. Myles links to the oldest trees on the planet, which is quite awesome, and reminds me of the glacier photos from low earth orbit photographs also posted recently (weirdly, when I looked at those, I knew without question which were Alaskan glaciers).

Jim Hines has been coallating first novels sales data. That’s part one; part two is here. Good, important reading if you’re interested in a professional writing career.

Um. Well, gee. Three things make a post, I guess. Also, we watched Hunt for Red October again tonight. It’s still a very good movie.

Bed now.

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 174.5
ytd wordcount: 97,800

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