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12 March 2010 @ 06:17 pm
mostly metrics  

A post of mostly metrics, as I haven’t updated in a few days.

SPIRIT DANCES is, by way of wordcount, 25% done. Pretty close to that by pagecount, too, at 103 pages of an anticipated 440. (oh god, that number looks big. *ignores it*) I had an unusually good writing day at 4700 words today. If I could do that every weekday I’d be nearly finished with it by Easter. That would be good, but it’s asking a lot. We’ll see.

Four Five Six complete sets of the Walker Papers have been bought & paid for, by the way. Details on purchasing one of the remaining four three two sets are here, if you’re interested.

Off to feed the cats & be outraged by the news, now. Other weekend plans include seeing The Princess & the Frog and watching tonight’s hopefully new NCIS. :)

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 165.2
ytd wordcount: 87,000

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